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Wooden Pen & Box Set

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Wooden Pen Box gift set is made of high quality wood and is a wonderful gift for a family or a friend.

The Wooden Pen Box Gift set can be engraved upon with any design of your liking  and image of your closest friend, a name and date to commemorate the a special occasion with that one special person in your life.

Its not just the box that you can engrave its the pen as well, engrave it with someone’s name or a special date.

The Wooden pen box gift set is a unique pen made from high quality wood  with a polished gold trim detail with a metal clip that contains black ink with a pen point of 0.7mm which is perfect for taking notes, memos and even a sketching.

It is presented in a matching quality wooden box for a stylish storage and easy gifting as well

This high quality wooden pen has a smooth surface finish that is fantastic to work with when you are engraving something or even uv printing something on top of it

With its 0.7mm pen point its perfect for taking notes in the office, creating memos and even to sketch with.
This is a perfect gift for Opening Ceremony’s, Birthdays, Anniversary Awards, Business Gifts and plenty more as it can be engraved.

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