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Digital Plug-In Watt Meter PMB-2

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This easy-to-use Power Meter Plug / Socket will monitor and test your appliance’s current draw, power usage, and cost of electricity used.

Save money on your electricity bill by measuring the energy consumption of your plug-in home appliances. You can measure several appliances together if they are connected to a multi-plug or extension lead, as long as the total remains below the maximum. Use the Wattage function to determine which appliances are the highest electricity users. With the ever-increasing cost of electricity in South Africa, you can make great savings by knowing the power guzzlers!

If you have a plug-in inverter, you can check exactly how much power is currently being used, and how much was used during loadshedding. You can see how long you can run the inverter before it runs out of power.

This meter can safely measure any load between 0.01W and 3600W (max. 15A – with overload protection. If the connected socket power is more than 3600W, there is a buzzer to warn you).
Simply plug the Power Meter Plug into the mains and plug your appliance into the Power Meter Socket.

The unit has seven modes:
– Real-time power usage (Watts)
– Total power used since monitoring started (Watts)
– Real-time Voltage & frequency (Volts and Hz)
– Real-time current & power factor (Amps and PF)
– Minimum power since monitoring started (Watts)
– Maximum power since monitoring started (Watts / KW)
– Cost of power used since monitoring started (You set the cost per KWh)

Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage : 220-250vAC, 50Hz
Operating Current : Max 16A
Wattage Range : 0.01-3600W
Current Range : 0.02-16A
Meter Power Consumption : 0.5W
KWh Cost Range : 0-99.99c / KWh
Total KWh Range : 0-9999 KWh
Total Cost Range : 0-9999
Connector: 3-pin South African Plug
Accuracy : +/- 2%
Note: This model does not have a backlit LCD.

What’s in the box

  • 1 x Power Meter Plug / Socket
  • 1 x South African User Manual


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