Ink Waste Collector Unit IC 41


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Will ensure outstanding copy clarity and machine reliability.

For Ricoh Aficio printer models:






Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 SG1000

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The utility model relates to a waste ink collector which is provided with an ink tank containing an ink absorbing body which absorbs waste ink discharged from a printing head of an ink-jetting printing machine.

Discharged ink is dropped into the ink tank; an inlet of dropping ink is formed on a top board of the ink tank, and the dropping ink enters the ink tank through the inlet.

The ink tank is provided with a partition wall, and a passage of the entering ink through the inlet is arranged in the partition wall and reaches the inner bottom face of the ink tank.

The partition wall prevents the dropping ink from directly dropping on the ink absorbing body, and the ink dropped on the inner bottom face of the ink tank is absorbed by the ink absorbing body through the bottom face of the ink absorbing body.

In the bigger commercial ink-jet printer of printing amount and/or such as the commercial ink-jet printer with broad print area that is used for print ad or dress material, the frequency of clean operation increases.
That is, in commercial ink-jet printer, the quantity of ink of consumption is bigger. In addition, when printing on dress material, because the diversity of textile material, various fabric grits may adhere on the inner surface of each nozzle of printhead. And the heat that produces because of the increase of printing load causes forming bubble in the ink of printhead inside, and this influences ink and sprays from print-head nozzle. Therefore, be necessary often to print the cleaning of head. Along with the increase of cleaning frequency, waste ink amount increases.

This waste ink collector removes excess ink to keep the printer running smoothly.


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