Wall and balcony solar panel mounting system

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No space to mount a solar panel?

This corrosion-resistant and durable bracket for balcony or wall mounting of solar panels is made of aluminium alloy, lightweight, large in load capacity, strong in stability, suitable for all environments, and is an ideal choice for installing solar panels.

This adjustable solar panel holder is compatible with most different specifications of photovoltaic modules on the market. It is suitable for balcony railings, gardens, flat roofs, facade walls, caravans, boats etc.

The tilt angle can be adjusted from 0° to 30°. When the season changes, adjust the angle of the solar panels accordingly to maximise the efficiency of the solar panels.

The mounting kit includes screws, nuts, rubber guards, washers, rails and hooks. You can mount 1 solar panel quickly and easily on the balcony railing.


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