FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool – For Short Hair Dogs

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Used and recommended by veterinarians and professional groomers. Will not damage the coat or cut the skin when used as directed on the packaging.

Have you ever felt like you’re vacuuming up more pet hair than before?

Did you know there’s a tool specifically designed to help remove loose undercoat hair?

Seasonal change means your pet is getting ready for a coat change!

The Undercoat De-shedding Tool is available now to help you with pet hair.

Having a shedding dog can be a hassle, but the Undercoat De-shedding Tool takes care of it. It reduces loose hair up to 90% after regular use, keeping you and your home clean while saving you time and money on vacuuming costs.

The ergonomic handle is easy to hold, making this tool comfortable for you no matter how long it takes

Detaches mats and removes loose hairs.

The Undercoat De-shedding Tool is a safe grooming tool that reaches past the outside hairs, removing the inner coat hairs before they mat.

It protects the coat for future growth and keeps skin healthy, clean, and free of dirt and debris.

This model of grooming tool is best used on short-haired dog breeds, reaching past the longer outside hairs so you don’t miss any of those pesky inner coat hairs.

Not only does it protect your pet’s coat by keeping it healthy and vibrant, but it also helps stop excess shedding which makes cleaning a breeze.


Blade  : 102mm wide
Removes 90% of shedding
Gently removes undercoat hair without damaging top coat
Ergonomic handle provides comfort and ease of use
Stainless steel teeth safely reach deep through topcoat removing undercoat hair
Protective clip ensures edges don’t become blunt or dull
Ejector button releases collected hair quickly
Safely removes loose hair
Detaches matted fur
Stimulates skin

For Short-hair dogs.

Colour may vary depending on stock (Yellow / Orange)


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