Solder 0.6mm, rosin core 63/37, 500g

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High quality rosin (AKA resin) core means no need for flux to obtain excellent soldering results.

63/37 solder is a metal alloy that comprises 37% lead and 63% tin. The melting point of this solder is 183 degrees Celsius. 63/37 solder has a lower melting point compared to 60/40 solder. One of the benefits of 63/37 solder is that it is eutectic and doesn’t feature a semi-solid state.

Therefore, it is much easier to work with since it doesn’t easily produce bad joints. Furthermore, 63/37 solder is ideal for use in hand soldering applications due to its properties. 63/37 solder is also commonly used in plating and wave soldering. During plating, 63/37 solder serves as a coating to prevent corrosion.

The main benefit of 63/37 solder is its narrow temperature range. This solder usually melts and becomes solid at a single temperature. 63/37 solder features no plastic region. This means the solder solidifies quickly when it cools down.

Due to the cost of tin, this solder is more pricey than 60/40 solder. Also, 63/37 solder has slightly more mechanical strength than 60/40.

The major drawback of 60/40 solder is its 50C plastic region – it plasticizes at 183 degrees Celsius and melts at 188 degrees Celsius. A cold solder joint forms when the joint moves as the solder moves through the plastic region. Hand soldering can be very frustrating when this happens.

63/37 solder goes from solid to liquid without experiencing plasticity. Since it features no plastic region, 63/37 solder is better to work with. Joints made using 63/37 solder look shinier, and have a better cosmetic look than 60/40 solder.

What’s in the box
1 x 500 gram roll of resin core 63/37 solder


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