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Powerful 3-band hobby or fun outdoor slingshot. Made of Aluminium/zinc alloy, with a plastic handle. Durable and lightweight, ergonomic design, easy to hold and shoot.

Using three high-speed latex rubber bands, you can launch the included clay pellets with accuracy and power.

Each slingshot includes a pack of 50 clay pellets and a spare set of latex bands.

Additional packs of 100 clay pellets – and spare latex bands – can be purchased separately.

Excellent for building hand/eye coordination skills.

Warning : Not for children to use unsupervised. This is a powerful slingshot and it could cause serious injuries if not used correctly. Do not aim it at animals or people.

What’s in the box :

1 x slingshot body
2 x sets of 3 latex bands
1 x packet of 50 clay balls

Weight : 70g

Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 140 × 90 × 80 mm


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