Slingshot Ammo (Pack of 100)


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Do you need ammunition for your slingshot?

Our 8mm biodegradable slingshot clay balls are made to improve your shooting experience while being environment-friendly, and so minimising your impact on the planet.

Made from premium hard clay, each 8mm ball is produced with a consistent shape and weight, ensuring your shots hit the mark with accuracy. Once used, they naturally biodegrade, leaving no harmful traces behind. Shoot responsibly and sustainably.

The standard 8mm diameter ensures compatibility with a wide range of slingshots. Regardless of your slingshot model, these clay balls fit perfectly. Their smooth surface reduces air friction, maximises velocity, and optimises shooting performance. Improve your aim and consistency with these clay balls.

Our clay balls are non-toxic and safe to handle, making them suitable for shooters of all ages. These clay balls are made for outdoor slingshot use and leave no harmful residues behind.

Our clay balls are ricochet-resistant. On impact, they fracture safely, which can greatly reduce the risk of a ricochet injury or breakage of windows, etc.

Biodegradable and eco-friendly material
Precision crafted for accuracy and consistency
8mm standard size for any slingshot
Smooth surface for enhanced velocity
Safe and non-toxic for all ages
Improves hand/eye coordination skills
Consistent performance

What’s in the box
100 x 8mm Biodegradable hard clay balls


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