Heat Transfer Vinyl
Heat Transfer Vinyl
Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Transfer Vinyl – 20 Colour Box Vinyl


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PU T-Shirt Heat Transfer Transfer Vinyl – 20 Colour Box Vinyl – Gift Ready!
Environmental, soft, thin, washable, elastic, and durable. Ideal for small, highly detailed custom designs.

Introducing T-Shirt Heat Transfer 20 Colour Box Vinyl, the ultimate stretchy PU vinyl! Get vibrant colours that last on all types of fabrics with our extraordinary heat transfer film. Patch up and cover up any fabric with ease and it won’t come off, no matter how much you stretch it. Never worry about fading or cracking even after long use and multiple washes.

Premium PU Vinyl Has The Best Stretch -This heat transfer vinyl is designed to endure rugged use & not peel, crack or fade. Its extra thin design offers great elasticity & stretch allowing fabrics to stretch through natural movements. It preserves shape and tonality of colour even after a long period & repeated washes.

Don’t settle for second-rate vinyl! Get the best stretch and durability of 20 Colour Box Vinyl heat transfer film. Our premium PU Vinyl makes sure your DIY projects last for long and keep their shape and tonality of colour even after multiple washes. Get crafty with your creative projects – make sure your fabric stretches through natural movements and gets a vivid, striking colour.

Unleash the power of colour in your creativity and make your crafts come alive with 20 Colour Box Vinyl! Our premium PU vinyl ensures that your projects are high-quality and resilient. It is extra thin, so all your creations have excellent stretching capabilities, keeping their distinctive shapes and tonality even after washes. Style your wardrobe the way you want with 20 Colour Box Vinyl. Forget about peeling, cracking, or fading of your beautiful design. Our special PU Vinyl provides the best stretch and elasticity you need while also preserving shape and tone of the most vibrant colours even after long time and frequent washes. Take your fashion look to the next level

– Easy To Weed & Cut
– Ultra -Thin PU
– Great Stickiness
– Machine Washing
– Waterproof


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