Polyethylene Splash Pool (Round)

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Cool off this Summer!

If you are dreaming of getting a pool but think your backyard is too small, you’ve come to the right place.

Available space is the number one consideration when deciding if your yard is big enough for a pool. Of course, cost is also a consideration.

Do you want to chill out with family or friends in a relaxing cool splash pool this summer?

Vinyl liner pools tend to be for above-ground use only – and can easily spring a leak. You could build a concrete pool in any shape or size that you like, but there is literally no way to remove it except breaking it out, and it will need regular painting.

Choose a rotation moulded polyethylene liner like ours – minimal maintenance is required to keep it clean and swimmable. You could even build a frame and deck around it above ground – and relax and cool off in the summertime, which is how people spend most of their time in the pool anyway.

Round Pool Size: 2500l
Depth: 1m
Diameter: 2.6m


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