Hydroponic Home Growing Garden Kit


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This hydroponic home-growing garden kit is perfect for growing fresh vegetables, flowers and other plants in your garden, office or home.

The kit requires little space (104 x 50cm floorspace, 103cm high) so is perfect for those who have limited growing space or balconies. It allows you to produce high quality leafy vegetables that are nutritious and better tasting than soil-gardened produce because oxygenated water and nutrients are delivered directly to the roots.

This indoor or outdoor growing system is designed for fast, maximum convenience gardening, no experience is needed, it’s perfect for beginners – and extremely simple to assemble and use. The water pump should be fully immersed in water to avoid damage and we suggest you use a 20L water tank (Not Included).

Plants grown by hydroponics require less water and less space, and pests and diseases are easier to control and prevent. It saves labour, and is easy to manage The area needs at least 4 hours of sunlight a day for optimum growth.

The default setting on the timer is 5 minutes of power on and 30 minutes of power off, this can be changed to your needs.

– Food Grade PVC pipes
– Soil-less Cultivation
– Perfect Connection Design
– Easy To Assemble
– Use For Various Planting Options

– Material: PVC-U
– Type: 4 Layers
– Pipe Quantity: 4
– Pipe Diameter: 6.3 cm
– Hole Quantity: 36
– Hole Diameter: 4.5mm
– Spacing between the holes: 8 cm
– Plant site quantity: 36
– Hose Length: 1.5 m

What’s in the box
4 x Planting Pipes
1 x Time Controller
1 x Water Pump
1 x Hose
1 x Power Plug
36 x Planting Baskets
36 x Planting Sponges
1 x Instruction Manual
(Water container not included)

Additional information


Six (6) Months Warranty

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