Hydraulic 6-in-1 STEM Construction Set


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Learn through play

This STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) building hydraulic excavator toy uses 3 individual hydraulic systems to drive the model and perform the corresponding actions.

It introduces kids to the application of Pascal’s principle and the law of conservation of energy, and nurtures children’s hands-on skills and curious minds, while developing logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Hydraulic drive

This kit does not need batteries and motors. Joystick-controlled water pressure is turned into kinetic energy, and can easily control the mechanical arms for digging, lifting and other functions.

The kit has 223 parts, with a detailed manual, including a body and main operating area, and six types of mechanical arms – namely excavator, crane, bulldozer, grab, fire engine (fire rescue arm), and wood loader.

Do look after the oil package, as some parts need to be coated with lubricating oil. Don’t remove all the parts at once. It will go much smoother to assemble in the order shown in the instructions.

Use the cutting tool to remove the plastic parts of the water pouring port to ensure that there are no sharp or jagged edges. When injecting water into the hydraulic pipe, be sure to remove all air bubbles.

This is a challenging STEM Building Hydraulic Construction Kit for kids age 8+.


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