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Home gardens are a popular hobby and can provide a source of fresh produce, as well as an opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities and improve one’s well-being.

Home gardens can range from small container gardens on a balcony or patio to larger vegetable gardens in a backyard or community garden plot.

Our Home garden Set Includes:

Rain Gauge:
-A rain gauge is a device used to measure the amount and height of rainfall in a specific area over a period of time.
-This rain gauge can only fill up to 40ml.

Soil Moisture Meter 3 in 1 Tester:
-The soil tester allows you to measure the soil with scientific methods to measure the light, moisture and ph. of the soil.
-You will know when to add water, adjust the pH, or change lighting for your garden, flowers, and plants that are indoor and outdoor as well.
-There is no battery needed to operate the tester all you do is slide the two-prong probe into the ground and flip the switch to one of the readings you want to take.

Directions Of How To Operate The Soil Tester:
-Press the button on the pen to where it reads “Moist”.
-Values 1-3 indicate that watering is required
-Values 4-7 indicate that the humidity is moderate
– Values 8-10 indicate that it is too wet
– The watering time can be adjusted according to the variety of the plant

Measuring LIGHT Density:
-Move the button to “Light”
-Measurement range is 0-2000
-The larger the value, the stronger the Light intensity

Measuring PH Levels Of The Soil:
-Press the key to the “PH”, the corresponding table is 8-3.5
-The value of 7 is neutral
-The lower the value, the more acid the soil needs
-PH should be adjusted according to the requirements of the plant

Garden Grow Bag:
-A Grow Bag is a convenient and versatile gardening solution for those with limited space or poor soil conditions.
-These bags are made from durable, black non-woven material and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different types of plants.
-The black color helps to retain heat and moisture, promoting healthy root growth and protecting plants from extreme weather conditions.
-The bags are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for balconies, patios, and other small spaces.
-They can also be used in larger gardens as a way to isolate certain plants or to grow crops that prefer different soil types.
-With proper care, a Grow Bag can provide a successful growing environment for a wide variety of plants.

-Allow plant roots to breathe
-Provide better drainage
-Use cheaper, denser soil mixes
-Are lighter and more portable; easier to position for maximum sun exposure
-Require little planning
-Easy to empty and store for winter
-Excellent for areas with poor soil quality.

This size Grow bag is suitable for small herbs such as rocket, basil, oregano, thyme.

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