Heat Transfer Vinyl- Flock 6 Pack Assorted


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Due To It’s Fuzzy Almost Furry Texture, Our Range Of Heat Transfer Vinyl- Flock 6 Pack Assorted Provide Your Designs With More Character, Depth And Thickness.

We At PerfectTech Created An Assorted Pack, So That You Wouldn’t Have To.

Choosing Different Colors Can Be Daunting Starting Out, So We Have Cut Out That Part So You Don’t Have To.

Flock Bonds Well To Cotton, Cotton/Polyester-Mixtures, Natural And Synthetic Cloths.

The Heat Transfer Vinyl- Flock 6 Pack Assorted Is Excellent For Cutting And Weeding.

Flock T-shirt transfer film PU: Has a wide variety of uses for most fabrics such as cotton and mixtures of cotton and polyester.

This product is soft, thin, washable, stretchy, and durable.

Ideal for small, highly detailed custom designs.

Comes with a Re-usable core for easy and safe storage.

Flock Vinyl It Is Great For Covering Up Holes Or Tears On Your Denims Too!

– Great stickiness
– Stretchable
– Easy to cut, weed and peel
– Machine washable

– 30cm x 25cm
– Colors include: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Black

What’s in the box
6 x Assorted colors
1 x Re-usable core

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Steps in Applying Fabric Patches

Cut out the shape that you desire from the fabric. Cut it slightly wider than the hole for the knee patch to fit correctly.

Cut the fusible web almost the same shape and size as your fabric patch.

You need to peel off one side of the fusible web. Position the fabric patch onto the fusible web.

Once the fabric patch and the fusible web are attached, cut the fabric and fusible web with a pair of scissors. Cut them together with no rough edges. The end product of this process is the image that you will use to iron onto your jeans.

Before applying the patch to your jeans, you need to remove the backside of the fusible web and position the patch onto the jeans.

Read our heat press temperature guide if you hl be much better as you can control temperature more.

Don’t use a fabric sheet to dry the jeans for this it contains chemicals that could cause the fusible web to separate from the jeans.

Iron-on Patches vs Plastic-Backed Patches

You can tell the difference between iron-on patches and plastic-backed patches by looking at the plastic backing. For iron-on patches, the adhesive extends to the edges of the patch. While plastic-backed patches usually don’t have plastic along the edges.

Steps in Making Iron-on Patches Using Vinyl

Indeed it is easy to buy ready-made patches for these and can be very convenient. However, if you are the artistic type who prefers to make your own patch design, you can make one yourself. Making iron-on patches is possible with vinyl!

Using heat transfer vinyl (HTV), you can patch up your jeans and make it look brand new! For this project, ere are the steps on how you can apply a layered vinyl patch on jeans:

Create your design using design software. HTV images should be mirrored before the cutting process begins.

Position the vinyl on the cutting mat with the shiny side facing down. You can commence printing.

Remove the excess viny

You can click this link for more details on how to apply HTV.

If you are planning on making a more interesting design, you can make a layered decal. You can click this link on how to create and apply layered HTV

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