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A mini heat press machine is a compact, portable device used for heat transfer applications such as iron-on transfers, vinyl decals, and sublimation printing and easily transfers on any cotton items and fabrics.

The temperature of our mini heat press can be adjusted up to 216 C and can be seen on the LCD screen.

These machines are perfect for personal and small business use, as they are easy to use and affordable.

Mini heat press machines typically have a compact design, with a small heat platen.

They also have a digital temperature and time control, which allows for precise adjustments to suit different materials and designs.

The pressure can also be adjusted to accommodate thicker fabrics and materials.

One of the advantages of mini heat press machines is their portability.

They can easily fit on a desk or tabletop and can be moved around easily.

They are also lightweight, making them easy to transport for on-site jobs or events.

Overall, a mini heat press machine is an excellent investment for individuals or small businesses looking to create customized products.

It is an affordable and convenient alternative to larger, more expensive heat press machines, and can produce professional results with minimal effort.


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