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Garden Rain Gauge Plastic Cup – 40ml


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Get ready for all the rain because this rain gauge will measure all the rain you have received.

Managing your garden has never been so easy! With this device, you can accurately measure your rainfall in just minutes. Perfect for irrigation monitoring, this device ensures that your garden gets the water it needs with up to 40ml of measurement accuracy. Get more out of your garden with this device.

Stop worrying about the unpredictable weather and keep track of your rainfall with this Garden Rain Gauge! This easy-to-install gauge measures up to 40ml of rain water, helping you accurately plan for and measure your garden’s water needs. Get ahead on gardening by using this accurate, reliable rain measurement tool. Stop worrying and start growing with a Garden Rain Gauge!

Keep an accurate tally of your garden’s rainfall with the Garden Gauge. It’s easy-to-read and features a capacity of up to 40ml, so you’ll know just how much water your plants are getting. You can easily install this gauge in any part of your garden for the most accurate readings. With its durable construction, it won’t corrode or rust, and you can use it over and over again. Get the Garden Gauge now for accurate and stress-free gardening!

This rain gauge can only fill up to 40ml.

– Material: Plastic
– Maximum 40ml to fill
– Cup Size: Length: 17cm ; Diameter: 7.5cm
– Base support size: Length: 77cm ; 13cm wide

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