Pull Up Bar
Pull Up Bar

Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

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Pull Up Bar – If you’ve decided to add some training equipment to your home gym, the pull-up bar should be your first pick. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and easy to set up, and it offers numerous workout possibilities and benefits.

Pull-up is a bodyweight exercise that imitates everyday life movements and can be found in sports as well as in occupational settings. Its most commonly used for building upper body muscle mass and strength, and it is very effective at it.

The pull-up rates are high on the usefulness scale, and yet it can often get neglected during a weekly routine. One of the main reasons can be prioritizing other muscle groups like shoulders, chest, and arms, or the so-called ‘’ mirror muscles’’. Next in line is most definitely the lack of home equipment.
Fortunately, there is a simple solution for both reasons. All that is needed is a firm decision and a suitable pull-up bar set-up.

A balanced approach to your workout routine usually yields the best results. By including pull-ups in your routine, you are activating and strengthening a whole list of back and arm muscles. This, in turn, leads to a well-rounded aesthetic upper body. Doing pull-ups also eliminates any potential muscle imbalances or injuries.

Wall Mounting Recommendations:
-Mount the pull up bar using the expanding wall anchors.
-The most reliable mounting place is a concrete/brick/cement/solid red brick wall.
-We do not recommend installation on a hollow brick wall / honeycomb brick wall / drywall /sandwich panel.

– Max Weight: 125kg
– Colour: Black
– Reinforced
– Eco-Friendly Handles
– Reinforced Mounting Bar
– Great for multiple exercises
– Total Body Workout
– Multi-functional
– 3 grip positions for various exercises.
– Heavy-duty steel construction.

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