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Cotton Enabling Spray – Have you ever found the perfect shirt to sublimate on, but then was disappointed that it didn’t contain enough polyester?
We were too- which is why we found Cotton Enabling Spray. Simply spray any shirt with a liberal amount of Cotton Enabling Spray, allow it to dry and then press your sublimation transfer on your shirt as normal.
Cotton Enabling Spray will bond with the fibres of the shirt which then allows the inks to sit within the fibres in the same way it does with Polyester. Making sublimating on any shirt (from 100% cotton, 25% polyester, etc) possible!

Dye sublimation printing work by heating a solid dye directly into a gas, skipping the liquid stage. This is called sublimation. The gaseous dye then permeates and colours polyester, creating your design and image onto the item being sublimated. Dye sublimation doesn’t work on cotton. Dye sublimation requires the presence of polyester, or else the gaseous dye has nothing to permeate and colour. Therefore, dye sublimation is often on 100% polyester clothing.

This is where sublimation spray for cotton (Cotton Enabling Spray) comes in. These sprays apply a polyester coating to the clothing to be dyed, allowing the dye sublimation to be done on even 100% cotton items Additionally, these coatings give images a glossy look and a smooth, pleasing tactile experience. Also, your design will be protected against scratches

Features Cotton Spray:
-Enhance the adhesion between the ink and the surface, so that the ink adheres to the surface better.
-The coating helps resist abrasion, scratches, rubbing and ink smudging.
-The sublimation coating provides a beautiful shine and the coating is smooth to the touch, providing a pleasant tactile experience.
-No mixing required, spray it directly onto the fabric. It offers a beautiful glossy sheen, soft touch and vibrant colors.
-Our sublimation coating spray dries out very quickly. Just press to dry and then sublimate


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