CO2 Laser Cleaning Kit

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Everything you need to keep your CO2 laser machine clean

If you own or use a laser machine, you should keep it as clean as possible. Why? Simple. If the machine is clean (like almost everything in life) it will work more efficiently, and require less maintenance.

When a laser cuts or engraves substrates, fumes and debris are released from the work surface. This will cause damage to the optics (lens and mirrors). Contaminants that adhere to their coated surface will absorb energy from the laser beam, resulting in a thermal lensing effect that will literally bake on the dirt. If the lens or mirror has not already been damaged, the operator can remove it and clean it.

Precautions before cleaning
1. Operators should wear finger cots to avoid marking the optics.
2. Do not use sharp instruments to avoid scratching surfaces.
3. Hold your optics by the edge only.
4. Place dry kitchen towels on a clean work surface for inspection and cleaning.
5. Avoid speaking over the optics and keep food, beverages, and other potential contaminants out of the work environment.

Be gentle. The purpose of cleaning is to remove contaminants from the optics – not to cause further damage. First, using the provided hand blower, blow off any surface dust on the surface of the lens or mirrors. Do not use compressed air which will contain oil mist and water droplets. This will further contaminate the optics.

Gently wipe the optics with pure Isopropyl alcohol. Using the lint-free cotton swabs provided (spray the optics with a “spritz”), and gently wipe from the center of the lens or mirrors to the edge in a clockwise direction with a clean swab. A lens has two coated surfaces, so each surface needs to be cleaned in this way. Mirrors should only need the reflective side cleaned.

Keeping your optics clean will mean less laser power is needed for the same job, and will extend the life of the optics (which are expensive to replace!)

The included degreaser will ensure your honeycomb table and blades stay spotless, meaning no transfer of cut residue to new substrates.

Cotton Swabs :
Super soft material safe for easily removing dust particles and stains from mirrors and lenses. Safely remove any dirt and debris from your lenses and mirrors with the specialised swabs made from lint-free dustless cotton. Will not streak your mirrors and lenses, and will not leave tiny bits of cotton wool behind. Safe to use on coated lenses, mirrors and sensors.

Latex Finger Cots :
Perfect to keep fingerprints and oil off your lenses and mirrors, but you still have sensitive feel and grip. Will also protect your fingers from alcohol and dirt residue. The latex finger cots offer greater tactility than a full glove. Simply roll down the finger cots to use.

Microfibre cleaning cloths :
Ideal for a quick dry wipe of lenses or mirrors after blowing dust off with the air blower (if there is no contamination present that requires alcohol to remove).

Whats in the box:
1 x Bottle 200ml Lens cleaner (Isopropyl Alcohol) with atomizer
1 x Bottle 200ml Degreaser with atomizer
1 x Manual air blower to remove dust without contact
1 x Swab pack containing 10 large and 10 medium cleaning swabs
10 x Latex finger cots to protect lens surfaces (and your fingers)
10 x Microfibre cleaning cloths (60mm x 80mm)


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