Round Aluminium Lazy Susan
Round Aluminium Lazy Susan

Metal Swivel Turn Plate For Rotating Table


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Metal Swivel Turn Plate For Rotating Table  – This is a heavy duty aluminum alloy 360 Degree Rotating Swivel Plate

This rotating turntable can be used for cake decoration, TV monitor stand, electronic repair, sculpture base, food display, etc.

It adopts heavy-duty industrial bearings, more durable and compact.

This Metal Swivel Turn Plate For Rotating Table is smooth and strong because of the ultralight aluminum alloy and internal steel beads design.

Make a stationary  item rotate gracefully with our swivel turntable.

A good turntable with delicate look – Smooth turntable design – Revolve Storage maximizes

It can make the perfect addition to your craft room (or any surface you happen to be using as a craft table).

Put all your supplies for you project on it, and spin it to keep everything accessible while you work!

It’ll keep you more organized and less messy.

Keep this metal swivel turn plate for rotating table on your potting bench for gardening.

All your seeds and tools will be easy to find and use!

Also called a turntable, it is a round or tray-shaped platform, that rotates on a set of bearings, and sits on a table or countertop to easily distribute food.

Often used on upper and lower cabinets, it also creates accessibility for storage in the kitchen.


  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Steel Beads
  • Rubber Footing


  • Durable
  • Round

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25cm, 35cm

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