430 Piece Rotary Tool Accessories Set

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Everything you need for your rotary tool

430 Piece Rotary Tool Accessories Set, including accessories for cutting, grinding, sanding, sharpening, polishing, engraving, drilling and cleaning. Comes with different chuck collets (1.6mm, 2.3mm and 3.2mm) and cloth wheel for jewellery, glass, jade polishing; Flap wheel for polishing and removing gunk from heavier duty material; Diamond cutting disc for cutting almost anything.

Compatible with most rotary tools; Ideal for home improvement, hobby, craft and whenever you need to polish, grind, drill, cut, engrave, and more. The heavy duty plastic box is sturdy, drop-resistant and moisture-proof, easy for carrying and storage. Parts are well organized to prevent losing or misplacing them.

What’s in the box

3 * Brass brushes
3 * Nylon bristle brushes
3 * Stainless steel brushes
1 * Felt wheel Mandrel
2 * Large felt wheels
6 * Small felt wheels
2 * Felt wheels (pointed)

10 * Diamond grinding needles
3 * High-speed steel cutters

6 * Silicon carbide grinding wheels
6 * Aluminum oxide grinding wheels
6 * Hard grinding wheels
3 * Rubber grinding wheels with shank
2 * Silicon carbide grinding wheels with shank
6 * Aluminum oxide grinding wheels with shank
2 * Rubber emery wheels

1 * Diamond cut-off wheel
2 * Cutting mandrels
32 * Regular cut-off wheels
50 * Silicon carbide cut-off wheels
10 * Fibreglass cut off wheels

195 * Sanding wheels
20 * Small sanding bands
16 * Medium sanding bands
20 * Large sanding bands
3 * Sanding shanks (drums)
2 * Flap wheels with shank

9 * High-speed steel drill bits

1 * Dressing stone
4 * Collets (2 x 3.2mm, 1 x 2.3mm, 1 x 1.6mm)
1 * Polishing compound
1 * Chuck spanner


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