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Digital Moisture Meter is an essential instrument used in many industries to detect moisture content in materials.

The digital moisture meter is a 4 Pin Digital Wood Moisture Humidity Meter Damp Detector

Home and building inspectors rely on moisture meters to identify potential problems and damage to structures from moisture buildup.

Woodworking industries, such as furniture makers, use wood moisture meters to insure a quality product.

Flooring contractors use moisture meters to determine ideal conditions when installing a floor over a concrete slab or subfloor.

Moisture meters include visual LED indicators related to the percentage reading on the scale for dry, moderate and saturated or wet readings.

Additionally, some meters also offer a third scale for readings of gypsum.

These scale readings can range from 0.2 to 50% moisture content.

When selecting a moisture meter for sheetrock, it is advised that a moisture meter that offers a scale reading for gypsum be used.

Pin-type moisture meters have 4 pins on the instrument, which are used to penetrate into the test surface at the desired depth.

The %MC is measured at the depth of the head of the contact pins.

These meters use the principle of electrical resistance to measure the %MC by measuring the conductivity between the pins and typically read up to 5/16″ deep.

The tips of the pins are relatively sharp, uninsulated and penetrate into the surface for a sub-surface reading.

This method is often viewed as an invasive process.

The pin-type meters, also obtain a reading by touching the pins to the surface for testing.

– This moisture meter can quickly measure the containing moisture of wood, bamboo, paper etc.
– Stick the probe into the measured object and the moisture value will be displayed.
– With stable performance and quick response, the meter is really reliable.
– The probe is well protected by a plastic cover, not easy to be damaged.
– With data hold function and low battery indication, more practical.
– Moreover, more advantages such as data hold, low battery indication and high resolution.

– Model:MD-4G
– Display: LCD Display
– Range:5%~40%
– Resolution:1%
– Single probe length:10mm
– Power Supply:1 x 9V Battery (Not included)
– Item Size:123 x 65 x 23mm
– Item Weight:78g Package Size: 14.7 x 9.5 x 5cm / 5.8 x 3.7 x 12in
– Package Weight:146g / 5.2oz

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