20-in-1 Electronics Cleaning Kit


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Introducing our 20-in-1 Cleaning Kit – the ultimate solution for maintaining your devices and gadgets! This comprehensive kit is a powerhouse, offering an array of tools to keep every surface gleaming and spotless. Here’s how this kit will transform your cleaning routine:

Product Storage Box: Keep all your cleaning essentials neatly organized.
Large Cleaning Brush: Effortlessly tackle larger surfaces for a thorough clean.
Screen Cleaning Cloth: Say goodbye to smudges and fingerprints on screens.
Dust Removal Air Blown: Specifically designed for treating camera surfaces, eliminating dust.
Air Blown Extension Short Rod: Reach tight spaces with precision and ease.
Accessory Extension Rod: Extend your handle’s reach for added convenience and flexibility.
Screen Cleaner: Maintain crystal-clear screens without streaks or residue.
Small Hard Bristle Brush: Perfect for tackling stubborn dirt and grime.
Shaft Puller: Ideal for intricate cleaning tasks.
Card Pickup Pin: Safely remove debris from hard-to-reach places.
Small Soft Bristle Brush: Gentle yet effective on delicate surfaces.
Key Extractor: Precision tool for meticulous cleaning.
Small Elbow Brush: Reach and clean corners effortlessly.
Headphone Compartment Cleaning Pile: Keep your headphone compartments pristine.
Headphone Brush: Specifically designed for maintaining headphone hygiene.
Cleaning the Pen Tip: Ensure your writing utensils are always clean and ready.
Soft Bristle Short Brush: Gentle care for sensitive areas.
Earphone Charging Compartment Brush: Keep your earphone charging areas free of debris.
Camera Screen Brush: Maintain your camera screen’s clarity and cleanliness.
Air Blown Extension Long Rod: Extend your cleaning reach further with precision.
Elevate your cleaning game with this versatile kit, designed to cater to all your cleaning needs, from delicate screens to intricate device components!


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