Green Living

Its time to go independent and incrementally pursue a path towards self-sustainability and carbon footprint reduction. So we have put together our own range of items including heat resistant or heat (as in sun) reflective paint. Green living at its best!

Why cool your hot warehouse or home when you can reflect most of the heat away? Take it one step further and start your own hydroponics food factory with our 36-plant system. It’s time for every citizen in South Africa to start relying on growing one’s own food and reducing their carbon footprint.

New products arriving soon include solar products. Our most exciting product will be our floor-mounted solar panel array systems. No need to put panels on your roof – mount them on the ground using a long-lasting aluminum structure. If you move – just uninstall and go. For those a little more adventurous we have solar powered bottle (wine bottle especially) LED lights. USB LED lights designed to be simple, small and bright means that you can light up your home using battery banks.